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Land Pooling Policy

With the burgeoning population of Delhi heaving at 1.83 crores and with approximately 5 lakh individuals entering the national capital annually, there was this urgent requirement of bringing the border villages of the city into the urban firmament of the city and make the villagers an important part of the urban development of the city. Taking up this step would be the only possible way of making the residents and the villagers gain success in working together and in bringing about a win-win situation for both the parties. Dwarka extension or L Zone Plan is result of this clear vision that has further made sure that the purchase of the low and the middle-income classes can live their dreams of having affordable housing solutions in places lying in close proximity to South Delhi and Dwarka. The same initiative is being put into the field of bringing more land under considerable usage and development in the Northern part of Delhi. This is being done by way of the Land Pooling Policy. So, one can now expect the city to develop in a wider and taller way for accommodating around 60 lakh new residential units according to the Delhi Master Plan 2021 that is in progress.