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Platinum Multi State CHS is the perfect place for all those individuals who are looking to make investments in Delhi’s L Zone and take complete advantage of its potential. By way of the proposed Master Plan Delhi 2021, the green region that lies along the NCT border and all the villages in close proximity have been put forward for development with the sole objective of reducing prices and creating inventory by providing people varied choices and making affordable homes a reality. By way of the MPD 2021, approximately 22, 979 hectares of developable land has been set aside for the development of the L-Zone that is called the Dwarka Extension technically. This zone lies very close to Gurgaon and South Delhi and also the IGI international airport.

Hence, this is the perfect time for individuals to buy land in this zone considering the recreational facilities, location and the amenities available both outdoors and indoors. Education, healthcare and utilities are some factors that have always remained in the minds of the planners who have conceptualized the project.

Affordability and security in terms of common region maintenance, amenities, parking and electricity are factors that home buyers consider when trying to buy a home. The architects and the planners of this project have done a good job in ensuring that the home seekers do not have to go very far in order to fetch their everyday requirements.

The use of solar trees and even personalized trees with the name of the purchasers etched on them, electricity outages would be a thing of past. Thus, people can get the scope of living peacefully provided they make the right investment.

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L Zone or Dwarka Extension- An Integral Part of Delhi Smart City

The L Zone in Western Delhi is being advertised as one of the most popular centres of attraction for the Delhi people in the near future. This is the zone that would serve to be perfect for all those individuals who are in the look out of brand new and all improved homes featuring some of the most modern amenities. As has already been discussed, Platinum Multi State CGHS Ltd is spread over an area of 22, 979 hectares. It is located very close to the posh regions of South Delhi and also lies in close proximity to Gurgaon and the IGI International Airport. The project comes fully equipped with high profile structure and modern facilities. It is therefore one of the perfect places where people can experience elite living. By way of this project, the developer has put in its best efforts in uplifting the standard of living of the people of the national capital. The living standards of the Delhiites would further be enhanced with yet another project in the line which is called the Diplomatic 2 Enclave.

Coming to the subject of easy communication, there have been no compromises made on offering the best communication facilities to Boulevard. The Dwarka Sub-City lies just beside the eastern border of the project while the NH-10/Rohtak Road passes through the northern part of the project. It is the project’s close proximity to some of the most important parts of Delhi and the surrounding areas that has led to an increase in its value. It is also being considered one of the most convenient and best places to live in the national capital. It is only because of these favorable advantages that the project is all set to become one of the most preferable residential destinations for Delhi citizens in the next five years. The most important objective and the sole purpose behind the conceptualization and design of this project is checking the constraints in the field of living space problems across the national capital. If you are in the look out of a convenient and good place to live in Delhi or you are simply looking to make an investment that offers you good profit then this is the perfect place and time for you to make the right move by investing in L Zone.

Proper planning according to the land use scheme on the lines of Master Plan Delhi 2021 has made way for a green belt at the border of NCT along with the inclusion of surrounding villages. According to the conditions of MPD 1962 and 2001, the schemes of previously constructed farmhouses have been sanctioned and allowed. However, the provisions of Master Plan Delhi 2021 remain as amended versions of previous MPD and as per Master Plan Delhi 2021, the development of farmhouses shall only be permitted by way of the land pooling scheme zone, we have come up with plans of building farmhouses in the zone that has been designated by the government. With this, around 900 acres of land has been sanctioned by the government for constructing artificial water solutions. With all major facilities, the Delhi L Zone is all set to serve as one of the most perfect residential sites for Delhi citizens.

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L Zone Opportunity

Dwarka L Zone Housing:

Today, Dwarka is in the final step for the completion of the housing for more than 1 million people. Everyone likes to live in the beautiful housing with essential infrastructural amenities. With the right mix of the recreational facilities, aesthetics and right mix give more option for enabling the highest standard living. Dwarka is considered as the most amazing place for modern people to enjoy with more facilities. Swiftly designed housing filled with more number of opportunity for people to enjoy a beautiful life.

Recently, Dwarka L Zone has introduced a bigger water treatment facility. For the past 2 decades, the Dwarka become the most amazing fruitful area filled with more facilities for the spacious land projects. With more than 22,840 hectares, Zone L is considered as the largest area having more than 45 villages that includes Dichaon Kalan, Najafgarh, Qazipur as well as Samaspur Khalsa.

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